How to Backup Google Authenticator on Your iPhone – Quick and Easy

If you’ve been using Google Authenticator, then you’re probably well aware of how to switch google authenticator to new device in a new phone or in your old phone. But what you may not know is that if you want to backup Google Authenticator on more than one phone, you can just as easily restore all of them.

When you switched to using Google Authenticator as your second step in verifying identity, you created a two-step authentication.


Well, the authentication software was built to make secondary verification of any Google service or application you use the second step. So, if your Gmail account is hacked into, you can quickly reset the password and get back into Gmail with a new authentication code.

But there’s also another way to backup Google Authenticator in your phone’s settings. Just go into “system settings” and go to the Google Authenticator section. Tap “Back up” under the section that says “Back up my settings”.

If you don’t see the option under the “Back up my settings” heading, you should just double-check your phone’s settings to make sure the option is enabled. And, as an added bonus, you can also use this backup to get your Google authenticator codes out of your old phone.

If you’re not a tech-savvy user but still want to backup Google Authenticator, the best thing to do is to try the free version of Google Authenticators. It’s really simple, but it doesn’t do all of the things you might need it to, so just take it for a try! you might also want to Learn more at brighterguide.


If you don’t have Google, you can also access this information on your mobile device by downloading the app, logging in to Google, and tapping “Sign In” and choosing “Google Authenticator”. You’ll see a pop up asking you to sign in to Google. You will also be asked to enter a code, so just tap on “Google Authenticator” and give it a try! Once you’ve done that, just log into your email on your phone to get your authentication codes again!