What is Legacy Skin in LOL (and How to Get it)

It’s the Skin that you won’t find on the Shop.

League of Legends or LOL is one of the most popular MOBA games to time. It has over millions of players and has been continuously garnering positive feedback from the gamers. 

However, the fun does not end with its gameplay. We can’t deny the fact that sometimes, we are delighted with the LOL skin for our characters.

Skins, as what they call it, simply mean costume or attire of the hero. It is not the default get up of the character but it’s more of an upgraded version of his appearance. Thus, players are also invested on collecting all of these. However, did you know that there are different types of LOL skin? Read along to find out more. 

How to Get Legacy Skin in LOL

Aside from the fact that it is not available on the shop, the skin is also so rare which makes it difficult to get one. These are the ways on how you can obtain Legacy Skin:

  • Bundles or Sales on Event. Most of the time, this kind of skin is available on bundles or sales during an event. 
  • Mystery Gifting and Hextech Crafting

Different Types of Skins

As mentioned earlier, LOL skins may be classified into various categories. To make sure you can differentiate the skins here’s a brief description for you.

  1. Regular Skin – skins that can be bought from the shop all year round. This can be transformed into a Legacy Skin
  2. Legacy Skin – those which are available only for a specific period or event and after the lapsed of time, it cannot be obtained anymore
  3. Holiday Skin – issued for a certain holiday 
  4. Riot Skin – based on the Riot theme and can be obtained through attending an event or meeting a Rioter
  5. E-Sports Skin – commemorates the champion for the season
  6. Limited Skin – temporarily available for an event but once it’s over, it will be removed from the store
  7. Promotional Skin – available only during gaming conventions

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